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Some of the most rewarding photos I take are of my kids. I’m sure that most parents would agree, the one pastime that never tires us is watching our children. I’m lucky enough to watch my son every day due to the fact that I usually work from home.

There is one difference though…. my son is different….
You see my son has Autism (ASD) and is an amazing little boy. Although he’s non-verbal (he can’t talk) and he deals with sensory processing disorder, he really gets on amazingly well. He’ll communicates with us in his own way signalling what he wants. He’s always full of kisses and big long hugs. He loves his time outside, whether he’s at kindy or on his swing and has an amazing and somewhat scary sense of balance. He’s obsessed with watermelon, apricots, the beach and the park. He loves music and has recently been diagnosed with having perfect pitch so he sings all day and in tune.

Eden is one of the happiest kids I know, a very lovable, easy going and beautiful little boy. I’ve put together a small collection of shots and although I’m biased, I’m sure you’ll agree he is absolutely beautiful. I’m one lucky Dad and I hope you enjoy this little peek into my family’s life.